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Chicago Greenside Map

Chicago - Illinois - United States - North America
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School of the Art Institute
Nadine Bopp
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The School of the Art Institute is an art and design College located in Chicago, IL, USA.

Statement of Purpose

Art students make three maps a year detailing local Chicago neighborhoods. They identify sites that help residents and tourists make ethical consumer choices during their daily experience of the city. In our map planning process, we conduct an intensive historical study that informs us how the neighborhood came to be to its contemporary form and function. After ground-truthing every block in a neighborhood and contextualizing it in historical research, we design a computer-generated map that artistically represents each neighborhood. In the process we also identify toxic spots and social inequities that need to be addressed throughout the city.

Local Language Overview

Creating a balance between the development of humankind and protecting nature is the primary aim of sustainability. While meeting the needs of the present, efforts must be taken to ensure that the resources for the future will not be compromised. By participating in recycling programs, opting for public transportation, and avoiding over-consumption we can ensure the availability of nonrenewable resources for future generations and protect the environment from pollutants. However, sustainability is more complicated than just environmental issues. Sustaining economic development is another objective which includes promoting business stability and competition, increasing investment, developing job skills, and rewarding work. It also consists of creating social equality through housing developments, addressing the issues surrounding unemployment and poverty, and fighting pollution. By integrating
environmental factors along with social equity and economic growth the quality-of-life can be greatly improved, resulting in a healthy, clean, and safe environment.

The goal of the Green Map Project is to measure the sustainability of a
neighborhood and to create a resource for those who wish to participate in conservation and the creation of a community by locating sites that
promote "green" ideals.

No Longer an Active Project
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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