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NYC Green Apple Map

New York City (NYC ) - New York - United States - North America
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Green Map System's Green Apple Map of NYC
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Wendy E. Brawer
Executive director
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Charting the ever-changing environment of New York City since 1992!

Statement of Purpose

The global Green Map System was initiated in 1995 in response to the enthusiasm sparked by the first Green Apple Map of NYC, originally published in 1992 to showcase signs of progress toward sustainability. The NYC project is the sole local project led by Green Map System, and it benefits New Yorkers and the worldwide network by piloting new concepts and mapmaking resources.

To date, five comprehensive citywide editions have been published and distributed. Over 350,000 free copies have been printed and digital versions have been disseminated through We have also published popular theme Green Maps on energy (conservation, renewable and climate change), composting in Manhattan and a youth view of Lower Manhattan (LoMap). Each of these maps was created to meet a different set of objectives, but all are designed to engage 8 million New Yorkers and thousands of visitors in Greening the Apple as they shop, dine, commute, learn, work and relax. These maps are also showcased in the Open Green Map.

Our small team has also created Green Apple cycling and walking tours, presentations, exhibits, workshops and education modules to involve more New Yorkers in building a brighter future together. Through the Green Apple Map project, we have worked with numerous partnering organizations, universities and agencies, and with local schools, youth and community groups creating their own Green Maps since 1998. Several of the children’s projects have had real world impacts, and given the young mapmakers a powerful voice in local sustainable development. Find details in the Allied Maps section of the site, in the New York story of the Green Map Atlas, as well as in the profiles here.

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