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Tororo Green Map

Tororo - Eastern Region - Uganda - Africa & Middle East
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Liberty Conservation and Development Association
Odulla Joseph
Project leader
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Liberty Conservation and Development Association is a not-for-profit organization with the aim of conserving the environment and promoting sustainable development.

Statement of Purpose

The Tororo Green Map project was initiated with the aim of charting the environmental significance of urban places around the world. The map shows the green sites in the Tororo municipality in relation to urban places in the world using globally shared green site icons from Green Map Systems.

This Green Map can be used to guide visitors where to go when visiting Tororo town. The map is used as a tool to raise environmental awareness in the community and in government officials in all departments. By mapping the sites that are not environmentally friendly, the project will use this map as a tool to advocate for the initiation of friendly green sites that are not present/are few in Tororo, but are found in other urban places around the world. The main goal is to make Tororo town a good place to live in for both the visitors and the inhabitants for now and the future generation to come.

The two editions of Tororo green map have been created. The first edition was made locally without the use of a computer. While making this map, the Mapmakers worked as team and they divided themselves in to four groups/teams.

A base map for the area to be mapped was gotten from the Department of Land. The teams agreed together on the green sites to be plotted on the map. The team worked on their area and every week the team met to review progress. After every team has completed their assignment, the teams came together and completed the green map of Tororo, first edition. Green Map System gave us the material and technical assistance necessary to create the Tororo green map.

For the second edition, we used a computer and GPS device to locate and position the green sites on the green map.

We worked in partnership with the Germany Development Service Planning Unit in Tororo's district. They assisted us with GPS, provided us the service for plotting the green site icons on the map, and we used their computer. Also, they helped in the printing of some few copies of the maps. We have also created an eco-tourist green map of Tororo district.

Our fundamental mission is to create a world that is conducive for human beings to live in now and in future generations to come.

The map covers the whole Tororo municipality for the green map and the whole district for the eco-tourist green map. The population of Tororo municipality is 645,000 people.

The group of Green Map Makers consists of youths ranging from 12 to 46 years. So far the group has 25 members who are active Map Makers. The members consist of teachers, geographers, environmentalists, designers, and farmers. The group has worked in partnership with Germany development service in the Tororo District Planning Unit, especially Mr. Richard Harnisch.

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