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Cork - Co. Cork - Ireland - Europe
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Cork Greenmap
Alice D'Arcy
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Your guide to sustainable living in Cork! Providers of information and direction to the sites and services you need: green spaces, cultural oasis, recycling, biking, organics, biodynamics, community centres, yoga mentors... and peat free compost for your bare tree!

Statement of Purpose

The Cork Green Map project is an evolving community project initiated in 2002. It has evolved to include several volunteers and collaborators, and hopefully will continue to do so as the project develops.

What we want to achieve:
* To encourage awareness and understanding of, as well as creative engagement with the environment through the use of maps, walks and other activities.
* To develop systems of thinking and working that remedy negative human impacts on the ecosystem.
* To promote and develop systems that empower communities to engage with and take control of planning processes in their areas.
* To propose and help implement effective, long range solutions to ecological and social damage.

How we go about doing it:
* Do more with less - Through imaginative use of skills and resources we can achieve more on a minimal budget than many larger organisations.
* Every problem contains its own solution - Look close at hand for answers.
* Imagine the impossible - Just because it seems impossible doesn’t mean it is. If it can be imagined it can be done.
* Speak out boldly and truthfully - Real change means confronting uncomfortable truths about the way we currently live. If we don’t say them who will?
* Seek out reliable allies and make connections to get things done - It’s a big job we’re taking on. We need a lot of help to do it.

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No Longer an Active Project
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participate section of the website and register.
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