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Duvivier Architects

Venice - California - United States - North America
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Duvivier Architects
Isabelle Duvivier
+1 310 399 4944
Project leader
About this Mapmaker

Duvivier Architects is an architecture and environmental planning firm which provides a full range of design and technical services including mapping, building design and natural resource planning.

Statement of Purpose

We are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our work. Our projects include:
• Residential green building designs which use active/passive solar heating and cooling systems, water recycling, native habitat creation and non-toxic/ alternative building materials;
• Urban planning in wetlands, river and natural park projects in the Ballona Creek and Los Angeles Rivers Watersheds which enhance public access while also protecting and restoring habitat quality; and
• Environmental mapping to demonstrate sustainability issues related to water supply and quality, habitat quality and restoration opportunities and green business development.

Our work emphasizes the integrated relationship between the built and natural environments.

For our work we have received the Sustainable Leadership Award from the City of Santa Monica in 2004 and the Sustainable Quality Award from the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce in 1999 and again in 2002.

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