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Shoushan National Nature Park Green Map

Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Taiwan - Asia
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CPAMI Shoushan National Natural Park Preparatory Office
Ting-Yu Lin
Project member
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Shoushan National Nature Park with unique coral reefs vegetation, the famous Formosan macaques and precious relics of prehistoric shell mound is a treasure trove of natural resources.

Statement of Purpose

We hope that local residents or tourists, are available through the Green Map, where the living environment as well as on the Shoushan National Nature Park have more understanding; rather start from an understanding, we hope to generate more concern for the environment and maintain the wishes thus willing to change their lifestyle in order to land a more friendly way of life, while co-guardian of this land with the residents.

The total area of ​​approximately 1,122.654 hectares, including Shoushan 928.714 hectares (excluding the old poly Lok Yuen Lane, Zhongshan University and TCC privately owned), Banpingshan 163.3 hectares (Banpingshan area includes the foothills of the original detention Shen sand pool), Turtle Mountain and left the old camp Castle Ruins 19.39 hectares and 11.25 hectares flag mountain land, etc., covering four district 20 years, has a unique coral reef vegetation, as well as the famous Formosan macaques precious relics of prehistoric shell mound, the diversity of natural resources, is a natural treasure.

Local Language Overview

本區域面積總計約1,122.654 公頃,包含壽山928.714 公頃(排除桃源里舊聚落、中山大學及台泥私有地) 、半屏山163.3 公頃(半屏山區域包括山麓原滯洪沈砂池)、龜山及左營舊城遺址19.39公頃及旗後山11.25 公頃等土地,涵蓋4區20個里,擁有獨特的珊瑚礁植被、著名的臺灣獼猴以及珍貴的史前貝塚遺跡、多樣性的自然資源,是一座自然寶庫。

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