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Before registering please browse the Participate section (using the menu on the left) to find out what is involved in becoming a Mapmaker

Now, Get Ready! Here are the Five Steps

Step 1: Check if a Green Map project is already underway in your area (Check the List). If it is active, contact the Mapmaker and see if you can get involved. If there are no existing Green Map projects or if your specific project scale is different, you can begin the registration process.

Step 2: Read over the Terms and Conditions

Step 3 (optional): You can download the registration form to complete offline with your project partners. Then come back to the website and continue the registration process. Different languages are available in the Offline Registration Documents section (or use top left corner links for different languages).

Step 4: This is the first page of your registration form. Fill in all fields in the form below to begin the registration process.If you would like to preview the fee or read about services you can contribute instead of a fee, click here to go to the Mapmakers FAQ

Step 5: After clicking the "Next" button, you will be automatically logged in and taken to your Profile page. On this page you must add further details before you can submit your completed application. It will then be reviewed by Green Map System, who will contact you within two working days. Then, you can send in your fee, download our great tools and officially begin your Green Map project!

Your username must include your PLACE name. NOT your personal name. Letters, numbers and spaces are allowed (no accented letters or punctuation please) . Examples: Stockholm Sweden or Pereira University Colombia.
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PLEASE NOTE: This is just the first step in the registration process. After clicking the next button you need to log in and enter your full details.