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About the Green Mapmakers

Green Mapmakers are local heroes and true leaders in the global movement for sustainable communities! Mapmakers come from incredibly diverse backgrounds, including environmentalists, teachers, community developers, planners, eco-tourism experts, entrepreneurs, biologists, architects, and even geographers! People of all ages are participating, as seen in our Youth section. Each Map's Maker is introduced in the Mapmakers section. There are 900 Green Map projects, counting the teams that are either active and/or published. Download the list here.

Green Mapmakers are engaged in wide range of activities integrating their organization, research, design and production skills, unique perspectives on hometown assets, and the needs of the local community. Generally, the core team consists of a very small group of people, who often hold workshops and events that relate to the Maps and include many people in the process. For many, the enjoyable part of Mapmaking is the process. They can rely on the advice of the hundreds of Green Mapmakers who have shared their own experiences in the guides and resources that are offered to each registered project. Each Mapmaker can make printed or digital local Green Maps, as well as an Open Green Map on our new interactive mapmaking platform.

Over the years, many ongoing projects create new design formats and include broader points of view of the community and region. Many include community and student groups in special efforts to chart specific districts, themes and even events, such as Earth Day. Green Maps help the younger generation consider their future as they provide an expressive tool for all people.

Please see Mapmakers Profile to learn how diverse local Green Map projects were planned and created.

Hundreds of Green Map projects are underway, impacting all continents! Many Mapmakers have also contributed to our global knowledge bank. Explore their stories at Maps , Historical Stories, and GreenAtlas.org.

Each year at least 60 communities respond to our open invitation to lead local Green Map projects. Regardless of projects’ status, you can see the list of all formally registered locations/regions at Mapmakers. You can also download the Mapmakers list. It's updated monthly, and includes both currently active and published Green Mapmakers. Each year, the number of projects to join grows - in 2008, 88 Green Mapmakers got underway. In 2009, we are growing 30% faster than ever!

Generally, each location has one Map project. If your community is already on the list, the best way to get involved is by contacting the project members - you can find them quickly by using the search box or by clicking Mapmakers above. If your city is not on the list and you are ready to participate, please click participate and begin the registration process!

Many Mapmakers need volunteers and local support. Check their Wishlist request in their Mapmaker Profile, or on (Our Wishlist) page. Also, you can help the global organization, too, please see Support or Volunteer and Interns page!

“Every Green Map is a fresh perspective on daily experiences that leads to a greener tomorrow.” Whole Earth