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Green Map System Staff

The New York global office is run by people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, supported by interns and volunteers, our Board of Directors and the International Mapmaker Advisory Council, supplemented by virtual staff, pro-bono supporters and consultants. Contact us at any time. If you would like to know more about interning or working with us, please click here. In 2015, we have a great year planned and exciting news to share around our 20th Anniversary!

Green Map System Team

Wendy E. Brawer is Green Map System's Founder and Director. She has been an eco-designer, public educator and consultant since 1990, as seen at EcoCultural.info.

Wendy created the first Green Map of New York City in 1992. Since then, she has published nearly 20 interactive and printed Green Maps. Wendy initiated the global Green Map System in 1995 and continues to lead its development as it spread to 65 countries. She also directs a Lower East Side eco-design firm that focuses on energy, resiliency and green living. Wendy has taught at NYU, Cooper Union and presented at more than 50 universities and conferences. Recognition includes being Designer in Residence, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, an Utne Visionary, a Woman of Earth/Terre de Femmes and recipient of a Sea Change Award.

Carlos Martinez was Green Map System's Director of Programs and Latin American Liaison. He has been connected with the Green Map movement since 2004 when he was pursuing his BS in Environmental Administration, and currently is a member of the Board of Directors and the Deputy Director of NYC Parks' GreenThumb program.

As a Green Mapmaker, Carlos developed a NYC Chinatown Green Map for his university thesis on urban ecotourism and currently he is co-leading the Queens Green Map. He specializes in social and environmental issues in high needs population areas, especially in his native Colombia and Latin America. He is responsible for developing many of Green Map System's and NYC's Green Apple Map projects, including multimedia, translation, technology and other projects.

Carlos is also a teaching artist at the International Center of Photography’s community program. Using photography as a tool for social change he has supported environmental justice initiatives including National Geographic’s Photo Camp and Island Academy, a program for youth transitioning out incarceration.

Thomas Turnbull moved to New York in January 2007 from Scotland to work with Green Map. As our Director of Technology, he programmed this website using Drupal creating both public and Mapmaker Only sections. Thomas was also the chief architect of the Open Green Map through January 2009, when he changed jobs. Currently, as President of Green Map's Board of Directors, he is centrally involved in the future of our technology and ongoing development. Find out more about Tom at ThomasTurnbull.com.

Dr. Robert W. Zuber has been Green Map System's Education and Outreach Specialist since 1998. He currently works with us as an organizational consultant and strategist.

Bob's work with Green Map System included youth mapping resources and projects, writing and editing projects, outreach around the world and fundraising. Most recently, he spearheaded development of our youth Energy and Environment Exploration modules and has led workshops from Jakarta to Harlem on Green Mapmaking. Bob is the former executive director of the Center for Environmental Education. He has also worked with Human Rights Watch, Blacksmith Institute/Polluted Places, the Center for International Media Action, East Harlem Interfaith, and the Center for Community Action in North Carolina US.

Find many resources created by this design team at our new Share and Promote page.

Openflows Community Technology Lab is our partner in technological development as well as our neighbor. Openflows is a professional network of developers, consultants and researchers committed to bringing cutting edge open source software solutions to NGOs and progressive community organizations. Our thanks to Eric Goldhagen, Mark Libkuman, Matt Corks, Nat Meysenburg, Matthew Goins, and everyone at Openflows!

Ciprian Samoila is an ecologist working with us virtually from Romania on a voluntary basis. Ciprian is continually developing website resources and tools for Green Map System, most currently working on the link between the Open Green Map and GIS. He helped the Harta Verde Romania Green Map Project get underway and grow strong. We are very happy that his current Green Map project has received major support from the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Program, as described here!

Beth Ferguson has held many positions at Green Map, starting as Project Coordinator for LoMap the 2001 Lower Manhattan Youth Green Map project, and continues her work as a part time consultant on our education projects. Beth developed the 2000 Brooklyn Waterfront Green Map project with Recycle A Bicycle , and the Holyoke Green Map (senior project, Hampshire College). Beth assisted us in 2002 at the Global Mapmakers Gathering in Bellagio Italy, and has served as a liaison for Spanish-language Mapa Verde projects, including our co-produced Mapping Our Common Ground book. Now based in Austin Texas, she also has produced Green Maps of that city and has also created a notable Solar Pump.

Our Team has Included:

Risa Ishikawa was Green Map System's Designer in 2006-07, creating resources for our website, maps and movement. A product designer, she graduated from Parsons The New School for Design in 2006, and worked on this website, the third version of the Green Map Icons, and many other projects before returning to Japan.

Soon Chung Lim our volunteer Office Assistant, created the first two editions of the Singapore Green Map Singapore when he worked at Singapore Environmental Council. In New York since 2006, Soon Chung handles a variety of tasks, especially our photography archive.

Tien-Hui (Millie) Lin created our new logo and identity materials as her Pratt Institute thesis project in 2005, and in 2006, we were awarded a Sappi Ideas That Matter grant to complete the project.

Tien-Hui designed and published several exciting outreach resources for us in 2007 while working at a noted New York design firm, Whitehouse and Company. Her newsletters and other pieces are being distributed around the world. She is a native of Taiwan, and the Chinese book, Energetic Green Map Movement attracted her to Green Map System!

Alice Hartley now a member of our Board of Directors joined GMS in 2003 as Editor for the Green Map Atlas . Alice was a major contributor to our 2004 Vibrant Communities exhibit, LoMap update and other projects. She joined Cook+Fox in 2005.

Dominica Williamson was the Design Director for the Green Map Atlas in 2003-04. She coordinated this international, multimedia and bilingual project while studying for her design master's degree, and has since continued work on a prototype Cornish Open Green Map project. You can view the blog for developments .

Aika Nakashima was GMS's Japanese Liaison from 2003-2006. Working in both NYC and Tokyo, she worked with the Green Map Japan Hub and our Aichi EXPO projects as well as Japan's Mirai National Green Map project . Upon her NYU graduation in 2006, she joined a Japanese communications company.

Yan Yang developed GMS's Chinese Initiative in 2004. Now home in Beijing, she is continuing to do outreach for GMS while working for the World Wildlife Foundation .

Andrew Fenster is technically an intern himself, but his work leading 7 other student interns on hands-on Green Mapmaking in Summer 2009 created a new way to engage more youth, as seen in the project blog. Andrew continued development of the Green Teens Green Map project, picking up where past staffer and planner, Yelena Zolotorevskaya, left off. He also created an Open Green Map about regional permaculture in 3 weeks, as noted in this blogpost here.

Nicole Mau graduated from the University of Applied Sciences (TFH) Berlin in 2007 with a degree in cartography and worked as a GIS analyst/interpreter for a German company in Dresden before she joined the Green Map team in April 2009. A participant in CDS International's InWent program, Nicole's working on the technical side of everything Green Map will continue through 2010. She was also jointly responsible for the German translation of the OGM's interface.

Myriam Nouicer arrived in spring 2009 and immediately got to work as our Marketing trainee, organizing the New York Open Green Map launch in June. 13 cities in 10 countries took place, as see in her "Launch Around the Clock" Report. Myriam is involved in all aspects of marketing and will be translating the Open Green Map's interface into her native language, French this year.

Té Baybute is a New York based Graphic Designer and a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. At Green Map, Té has worked on print promotions, web design, and most recently, the Open Green Map mobile interface. Té is pursuing a career creating advertising for socially responsible institutions and causes and has worked with Green Spaces in New York, find out more at his website.

Akiko Rokube is a communication designer who recently graduated from Parsons Design and Technology master's program. A native of Tokyo, Akiko creates many kinds of visual elements and tools for the Open Green Map and our Smartphone mobile web application.

Rick Conroy was GMS's Toronto-based technology guru, keeping communication and networking resources running smoothly between 1999-2005. He continues to support the work of North American sustainability and cycling groups.

Asako Kondo co-designed the Green Map Atlas , and created its website, our 2004 GreenMap.org and GMS's local NYC project site, GreenAppleMap.org (with Bomee Jung) in 2003-04, before returning to Japan.