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Where We Work

Green Map's Global Office

Based in New York City since program inception, Green Map System's workspace has evolved as the global program grew. From our founder's Lower East Side living room to its own space in the same building on Ludlow Street (1995-2002) to our bright (but noisy and uninsulated) office around the corner on Essex Street (2002-2006) to a wonderfully expansive and harmonious space in the East Village (2006 - 2015), and now in a smaller space and in part at Civic Hall, Green Map's office has helped us work effectively in support of communities of all kinds around the world.

Visitors are welcome by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange.

Our Mailing Address:
292 East 3rd Street #1A
New York, NY 10009

Telephone: +1 212 674 1631

Email: info at greenmap dot org