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Being a part of social networking websites means you can follow our development in different formats and mediums. This page will connect you quickly to our external networks, you can also follow our Blog and Newsletters on this website.


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What is Green Map System doing now? Twitter is micro-blogging service that allows users to send quick updates - short posts up to 140 characters long.
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Like to watch? Green Map System has a YouTube Channel for our own videos and those created by local Mapmakers, all on the same page. Ours has been one of the top viewed nonprofit channels! Stay tuned here.


What do Green Map events look like? Flickr is a photo sharing website. You are welcome to include our photos in your website, blog, press releases, etc. (Thanks for crediting us and linking these to our website!)
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We encourage you to join this online community platform and share your photos of Green Map events, workshops, green sites, etc. Include in your picture the tag "greenmap" so everyone can find it.

Green Map System will soon be adding more links to Mapmakers' social networking pages here.