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4BsHive - Collaborational Green Mapping across Europe

The '4BsHive' is a transnational project between four river cities: Bristol (UK), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary) and Bistrita (Romania). The project set in motion a collaborative, green map-making process within and among these four European partners:

The 4BsHive project started right after a Grundtvig Preparatory Visit in early 2009. After two years of numerous adult learners mobilities and green mapping workshops, the 4BsHive project ended in July 2011. You may learn about all common and local results at the European Shared Treasure database.

One of our greatest result is a documentary video, which highlights scenes from the study visits and the workshops in each of the cities involved. We also created an electronic booklet entitled “The 4Bs’ Green Mapping Guide” (find the Chinese edition here!)read more »

The 4BsHive in Bistrita under a Grundtvig Preparatory Visit

The 4BsHive in Bistrita

Asociatia Ascendent from Bistrita hosted representatives from three European countries (Germany, UK and Hungary) during a Gruntdvig preparatory visit under the European Commission Education and Training programme. The meeting took place at the town youth center in the historical center of Bistrita town in the period 15-20 January 2009.

The Grundtvig programme focuses on the teaching and study needs of those in adult education and alternative education streams, as well as the institutions and organisations delivering these services.

The four European Green Mapmakers, Ciprian Samoila (Bistrita), Steve Parry (Bristol), Gergo Horvath (Budapest) and Pit van de Loo (Berlin) met to discuss a transnational collaboration under the Grundtvig partnership programme with an application deadline on 20 February 2009.read more »