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Mobile Green Map Resources


Green Map System has a handy webapp mapping out green living resources on the go!

At a green place that should be on the Green Map? Map it fast!!

M.OpenGreenMap.org is our new Mobile Site Collector. This webapp makes it easy to collect, photograph and chart green sites on to Open Green Maps while on location, even in areas without wifi.

Green Mapmakers, residents and tourists can collect sites on smart phones, tablets and desktop. The Mobile Site Collector comes in 13 languages, with complete instructions in each! Every new site is moderated by the local Mapmaker – you will receive confirmation when your site gets on the map. The interactive map can be embedded in any website!

Share your Collector experience on Twitter with the world at twitter.com/GreenMap. Share map links, photos, events and daily discoveries!

This video shares how it works. Basically, select your language under the Gear. Tap the Question Mark to read the FAQ in your language on M.OpenGreenMap.org. Add a site at the Plus!

Thanks to Green Mapmakers, the Collector's languages currently include Arabic, Chinese - simplified, Chinese - traditional, English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish!

Get your banner and graphics here – download English (4MB), Chinese - simplified (1.5MB), Chinese - traditional (1.5MB), and Romanian (1MB)! We'll add more graphic and outreach resources soon!

Collector Workshop Guide

Based on our recent workshop using the new mobile Site Collector to chart sites around the United Nations District, we have a Workshop Guide. Very handy for making your event go smoothly! Download the initial version here - it's a .doc so you can adapt it. We’d love to add your experience to it.

Quick Mobile Site Collector Tips

• Don’t forget the m in the url -- M.OpenGreenMap.org
• Open Green Maps must be in ‘public’ mode to use on the Collector*
• If you cannot see the icons or have other issues, add this website to your Home Screen, and use it from there
• Photos taken with the Collector are not saved on your phone
• If you plan to collect sites in an area without wifi, open the Collector before you go out, then use it offline - it will store your sites to upload later (there's a small text link on the front page to click once you are in wifi zone)
• Everything can be edited once it’s on the map!
• #MobiGreenMap - share your outcomes on Twitter and on the Survey

Special Thanks to:

Collector created for Green Map System by
Project Manager: Ciprian Samoilã, Asociatia Harta Verde Romania
Web Developer: Bogdan Szabo

Translators: Ben Andersen • Yu-Chang • Choi, WonSun • Youness Chtaini • André Guilherme • Olivier Hoessly • Bernice Keshet • Yutaka Nakashima • Aruna Reddig • Ciprian Samoilã • Lama Tawk • HanLu Zhang

Project Support: Wendy Brawer • Eric Goldhagen • Walter E. Perry • Thomas Turnbull

Video by Barbara Ross & Piki, graphics by Li Tang

M.GreenMap.org What about a Mobile Map! The sites will appear on the map when you zoom in and tap repeatedly - we hope to have a better app some day! Wondering about our iPhone App? It’s now offline, in favor of the accessible to all webapps described above. Thanks to all who helped it win a Treehugger Best of Green 2011 award in Science and Technology, and accolades for Open Green Map and its mobile tools from the Papanek Social Design Awards, the NetSquared Invitational and many other awards. Some of the comments below refer to these earlier versions.

Our mobile offerings continually evolve to share better ways of exploring how Green Maps connect community and sustainability resources together. This page was created when our first mobile tool went live, and continues to evolve.

Right now, other than the Collector, our mobile tools are not optimized. However, using an iterative design philosophy ‘MVP’, we expect to keep building based on what users really need. Have something to share? Here’s the Survey!

At GreenMap.org/donate you can help us keep these resources free, up to date and ready to inspire, inform and activate a healthier, greener future for all.

So how about an Android app?

So how about an Android app? (Because not all us green-types like monopolies)

The Mobile Website works on all kinds of phones

We're looking forward to creating others, but for now, we invite you to try M.GreenMap.org in your phone. This beta mobile website is basic, but works with all phones with internet access. We made it first, to serve the broadest audience.

Re: take green map with

Re: take green map with you
hi, is this green map app work for iphone 1?

Haha. Are you saying Google

Haha. Are you saying Google isn't a monopoly?

Green Map App

Hey guys - well done! This is great.

I've just downloaded it and can see right away that it'll be massively useful. I know what it takes to get an App conceived, specified, developed and then approved by Apple, and think you've done a great job.

We have a sustainability module in the pipeline too - I"ll make sure to add a link to the Green Map app from our site!
Can't wait to see how it develops over time.

I must say that I have been

I must say that I have been really wondering whether or not the green map was going to make their website compatible for mobile analytics. After all, many people, and preferably students like to browse the internet through the mobile phones these days so it was really imminent that you would come up with this. Anyway, I am glad that you have and it was also a nice move to go for the App store through the new green map iPhone application!


This is great! I've been enjoying Green Maps since first hearing about it in late 2009, but my phone doesn't automatically redirect me to the mobile site due to it's software. Is there anyway I could get the mobile URL?

the mobile URL is GreenMap.org!

hi - sorry if it's a bit confusing, but the mobile site is now M.GreenMap.org - give it a try!

greenmap really help me.

greenmap really help me. This new phone is excellent I loved it.

what a cool app

This is the first i've heard of this, I just downloaded the app, and it's looking fantastic. What a cool app to have on your phone, definitely a great tool for those of us that's green conscious.

this is so great!

this is great! I've just downloaded it and can see right away that it'll be massively useful. I know what it takes to get an App conceived, specified, developed and then approved by Apple, and think you've done a great job.

This is an extremely helpful

This is an extremely helpful tool and it should help people stay on track with what they love - Green!