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All Coverage of Green Map in the Media

Metro Madness: A Stroll Through the City’s ‘Parks’ by Simon Pitchforth, The Jakarta Globe, Indonesia, 2009
* TLC Properties and Partners on the New Cowichan Valley Green Map by Nicole Haddad, The Land Conservancy, Canada, 2009
A great idea: Green Maps by Youth worldwide by Dylan, Cleantech Kids, USA, 2009
Unveil and tour Jakarta best-kept secrets, The Jakarta Post, Indonesia, 2009
Stern Cares Hosts Environmental Entrepreneurship Panel by Amy Griffis, NYU Local, USA, 2009
Green Map spells out the Cowichan Valley’s naturally precious areas by Doug Marner, Cowichan News Leader, Canada, 2009
What are Open Green Maps?, Permaculture TV, 2009
* Columbia is major partner in Harlem Mapmaking project, Environmental Stewardship - Columbia University, USA, 2009
Interactive Green Maps by Mikael, Ugly Duckling, Sweden, 2009
December 10th by Euri, Flying elephants, Spain, 2009
Edinburgh Green Map by Edinburgh Community Backgreens Association, ECBI, United Kingdom, 2009
* Wendy Brawer's COP15 Report by Wendy Brawer, WiserEarth, USA, 2009
* Cowichan Valley goes green with new map highlighting special places by Doug Marner, Lake Cowichan Gazette, Canada, 2009
* Cape Town Green Map launches print version by Martin Pollack, My Cape Town, South Africa, 2009
* Green Map for Cape Town, SA Venues, South Africa, 2009
Jakartans should brace for strong winds: BMKG by Indah Setiawati, The Jakarta Post, Indonesia, 2009
From global to local: Mobile, mapping and action by Christian Kreutz, Crisscrossed, Germany, 2009
Unique communities keep it real at expo by Prodita Sabarini, The Jakarta Post, Indonesia, 2009
Open Planning Project’s New Technology Conference by Julia Boyer , High Line Blog, USA, 2009
Green Spaces NY Launch: A Place for Ecopreneurs by Alicia Lubowski-Jahn, Eco-Chick, USA, 2009
* Delta Electronics Receives the 2009 Frost and Sullivan Green Excellence Award by Gazala Masood, Business Wire India, India, 2009
* Bacia dos rios Sorocaba e médio Tietê ganha Atlas Socioambiental by Victor Finzetto, Ambiente Hoje, Brazil, 2009 ()
Designing for a Sustainable World Conference by Beth Kneller, CUNY, USA, 2009