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Awards and Recognition for GMS

Award List

Some of Green Map's awards

We were recently asked to post a list of our awards. Find details and honors to our network and team in our Awards section too!

Honors for Green Map System:

2017: TED Residency (bit.ly/TEDweb17 is our director's TED Talk on Green Map)
2015: Certificate of Appreciation, International Visitors Program, US Dept. of State
2013: Creative Climate Action Award, NYC
2012: Google 24 Hours of Good
2011: NetSquared Invitational Winner
2011: Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award
2011: Treehugger Best of Green - Smartphone App
2010: Living Labs Global Winner
2010: Treehugger Best of Green - Best Eco Travel Resource
2009: Index Awards, finalist - Social Design, Denmark
2009: We Media, finalist - We Media and Ashoka Changemakers USA
2008: Maps in Apps, third place - Tele Atlas USA
2007: Environmental Quality Award - US EPA, Region 2
2005: NGO Global Village Exhibit Award - Aichi EXPO 2005, Japan
2002: Spirit of the Land Award - 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics USA
2001: Technology Benefiting Humanities Awards laureate - The Tech Museum USA
2001: Certificate of Merit - Municipal Art Society USA
2000: Project Around the World - EXPO 2000, Germany
1999: National Award for Sustainability - President's Council on Sustainable Development
1998: Global Best Practices 100 List - United Nations Habitat, Kenya

TED Talk!

2017 began in an exciting way - our founding director and Green Map were selected for a TED Residency. Now after a wonderful stint working at TED being connected with new ideas, new media and great people, we are delighted to present Wendy’s TED Talk.

This talk shares the future of Green Map, which has gone ‘open source’ to encourage fresh new kinds of mapping and projects that advance our mission of inclusive participation in sustainable, resilient community development. We’re excited to see what this new approach (with a Creative Commons 4.0 license that invites users to freely use the Green Map Icons on non-commercial projects of any kind, adapt and share them provided that you give credit to Green Map System (yes, we are happy to discuss commercial uses, too!). More on this in our soon to launch new website! read more »

Cape Town wears the biodiversity crown!

We are really proud of the amazing Cape Town Green Map team - check out their latest post

""Cape Town is the most biodiverse urban area in the world" reports Dave Chambers in The Times.

The stability of Cape Town's climate on the southern tip of Africa has enabled it to become home to approximately 3000 species of plants, 361 species of birds and 83 species of mammals. read more »

Green Map & TED!

Excitingly, our director, Wendy Brawer is now a TED Resident!

With 14 weeks of support to further the development of Green Map as an 'idea that matters" the residency culminates in the making of a TED Talk (see some of the most popular and search all of them here).

As you can guess, Wendy is delighted that she and Green Map are included. Based at TED's NYC offices, the Residency program curates a co-hort of 20 accomplished people, all briefly introduced in TED's blog.read more »

Renewables My Map

We are testing Google My Map here, used together with Green Map Icons.

If you would like to help on the testing process, please contact us.

Here's the import test: In 2013, we turned this original Open Green Map into a print map called Lower East Ride. We imported the data to this Google MyMaps- it took no time at all, except images need to be added individually. read more »

Creative Climate Action Award 2013

#Resiliency – the ability to bounce back after a disruption – depends on a strong community and the kinds of connections that Green Maps provide. Our newest NYC maps and activities won a Creative Climate Action Award in October!

Thanks to the Human Impacts Institute for honoring our Adapting to Change - Lower East Ride Cycling Tour and Green Maps that provide a view of Superstorm Sandy’s impacts and resiliency resources around our Lower East Side neighborhood. Spanish, Chinese and English editions were produced to include neighborhood’s diverse residents - download them at facebook.com/lower.east.ride. This is also the place to find out about the engaging cycling tours we have been hosting along with our partners at Partnerships for Parks. read more »

Report on activities in Green Map System 2011

In 2011 work on the «Water Map of Kazan city» in the Green Map System is actively continued. We presented our project at different ecological competitions and conferences. List of the most significant events, where we presented our project «Water Map of Kazan city» is presented below:

- The project "Water map of Kazan city" won the Russian National Junior Water Prize in Moscow (April 2011) and received the right to present Russian Federation at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize;

- We have created a Youth Ecological Portal and called it GreenTeen (greenteen.ru). It provides information of different environmental issues and different ecological events, conferences, competitions, etc. Firstly we have placed «The water map of Kazan city» on this site. The moderators of the site are schoolchildren. The portal was created in April 2011. At the present time it is actively developing;read more »

We Win NetSquared Invitational!

NetSquared Invitational Winner!

We are happy to share the good news that Open Green Map has won the NetSquared Invitational!

Green Map System is really thrilled that our short video has received lots of votes and the jury's support. This award comes with plenty of help for our social mapping platform's ongoing development in the coming months, which is really great because we have big plans!! Thank you videographer Peter Shapiro, NetSquared, TechSoup, our staff and technical team as well as the Green Mapmakers who have now published more than 250 diverse Open Green Maps! read more »

Greenmap site received environmental award!

Award winner Ben Andersen for work with EkoBlekinge and Green map

It is with great honor I received an environmental price for my 3 years of voluntary work with the site EkoBlekinge.se which is also home for Blekinge Green Map.

The motivation was that the site makes local environmental and sustainable projects visible and for the work with Green Map.

900 children in the region has participated and shared their thoughts on the subject "We will save the world". The result is a book with drawings, poetry and interviews on the subject which will be sold and the earnings is the award price. This enables me to put more work into the site and Green Map. That in combination with the publicity for EkoBlekinge.se will boost the visibility of local sustainable initiatives!read more »

4BsHive - Collaborational Green Mapping across Europe

The '4BsHive' is a transnational project between four river cities: Bristol (UK), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary) and Bistrita (Romania). The project set in motion a collaborative, green map-making process within and among these four European partners:

The 4BsHive project started right after a Grundtvig Preparatory Visit in early 2009. After two years of numerous adult learners mobilities and green mapping workshops, the 4BsHive project ended in July 2011. You may learn about all common and local results at the European Shared Treasure database.

One of our greatest result is a documentary video, which highlights scenes from the study visits and the workshops in each of the cities involved. We also created an electronic booklet entitled “The 4Bs’ Green Mapping Guide” (find the Chinese edition here!)read more »

Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award - 2011

We are inspired by Victor J Papanek

We are proud to share the news that the Open Green Map is a Winner of the first Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award!

As Victor's groundbreaking work helped to inspire the inception of Green Map System, we are delighted to be one of the four recipients of this prestigious new 2011 international award. Our Director will take part in the awards ceremony and exhibition opening in Vienna on November 9, followed by a conference celebrating the new Papanek Foundation. More details about the New York Design for the Real World Redux exhibit will be added here soon. read more »

Cape Town's IOC Olympics Sport & Environment Award

Cape Town at the IOC Award Ceremony

We are delighted to share this good news from the Cape Town Green Map project leader, Arne Purves, Professional Officer in the City's Sustainable Resource Management division:

"The Cape Town Green Map is proud to have been a part of the award winning 2010 Green Goal program, the environmental programme for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup that was held in South Africa June/July 2010. Recognition from the IOC is a huge honor and has ensured that the City of Cape Town's 2010 Green Goal programme really sets the standard for "Greening" large sporting events into the future."read more »

Our App Wins! Treehugger Best of Green 2011

Treehugger Best of Green 2011 Winner!

Great News! Green Map wins Treehugger Best of Green 2011 in Science and Technology: Best Eco App for a Smart Phone!

We are delighted to share this news about our mobile tools and the newest Add a Site feature!

Special thanks to Té Baybute, Tom Turnbull, Akiko Rokube, Gottfried Haider, Stan Weichers, Eric Goldhagen and Mark Libumen at OpenFlows and Scott and team at Appmakr and everyone who contributed to the development of this project! read more »

Cape Town Green Map wins Golden Trash Award

The Cape Town Green Map was recently awarded a Golden Trash Award, receiving 2 Leaves!

The criteria for this award are:

We’re looking to celebrate the world of Green online. We want to award people and sites that are passionate about and ready to stand up for eco-issues that are relevant to today’s cyber communities and the world beyond that. We won’t accept just any old sites – your website is your online face and we expect it to look eco-good!read more »

Towson U Go Green Map wins Silver!

Towson University's Go Green Map

Great news from Jessica Ring, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design / Department of Art at Towson University and Green Map collaborator:

“The Student Green Map won a Silver award in the Going Green category of the 40th Annual University & College Designers Association Design Competition. The judges evaluated 52 entries in these categories, awarding 14 awards—2 Gold Awards, 7 Silver Awards and 5 Awards of Excellence. In total, 1,300 print, electronic media, and going green entries, awarding 237 awards in the those categories. A total of 6 Gold Awards, 18 Silver Awards and 213 Awards of Excellence were chosen.”read more »

Best Tool for Green Travelers!

Treehugger's Best of Green Award

We are delighted that our Open Green Map sustainability mapping platform has been selected by Treehugger.com for 2010's Best of Green, and designated the Best Tool for Green Travelers!

There are now over 10,000 sites to explore! See more than 100 Open Green Maps on your desktop, mobile or iPhone!

Special thanks to the City of Oakland California for creating the Open Green Map featured by Treehugger - Oakland is also the first to test out data importing on the OGM platform.

Thank you Treehugger! Your coverage of Green Maps created around the world has been outstanding!

"中国大学生环保行动创意大赛" 广州大学城绿地图绘制与推广项目获得创意实现奖

Award certificates

绿地图绘制出版完成后,我们通过环教、公宣、义卖、图片展等方式宣传推广绿地图,并通过协会论坛、Green Map的网站、传媒等,让更多的人参与到项目中来。read more »

Finalist: Social Innovation Awards!

Social Innovation Award

Green Map System is pleased to be a Just Means - FT Social Innovation Awards finalist! We'll find out if we won in the Communications category on March 24th, and in the meantime, you can link to our entry, rich with images, pdfs and videos. You can also vote for us there!

Living Labs Global Award Winner!

Living Labs Global in Stockholm

The Open Green Map interactive mapping platform is a winner in the Living Labs Global contest, selected by Stockholm, Sweden's technology park, in the category of eServices for Citizens and Corporations.

Here is a link about the Award event. You can view our entry here.

We're honored and look forward to the opportunity to work with Stockholm's technology park, Kista Science City. We have a wonderful Green Map project in that city, led by Max Goldstein, Therese Kristiansson and colleagues!read more »



项目实施时间 2009.4——2009.12
项目实施地 华农校内及武汉某“绿色”社区
绿地图的成品经印刷出版后,将极大地推动社区创建生态小区的进程,也将使该社区成为武汉第一个低碳生活社区。read more »