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Green Map Exhibition at Kita-Kyushu, Japan


This summer, Green Map invites you to an exciting ‘2011 Summer Green Map Special Exhibition’, held in Zenrin Map Gallery in Kita-Kyushu Japan, starting from Thursday July 21, 2011 and through August 31.

Sponsored by a Japanese major map company Zenrin, Inc., the exhibition shows about 50 unique locally designed Green Maps from all over the world. Visitors also have a chance to touch and experience Open Green Map in the exhibition. During the exhibition there will be workshops for children and parents to actually make a Green Map, and meet Green Map Japan and mapmakers from Kita-Kyushu.

Designer Risa Ishikawa, a former staff member at Green Map System here in NY, worked as a project manager for this exhibition. She has put tons of effort for this event. Thank you Risa! Our thanks also to nonproft Satoyama, Green Map Japan and Zenrin for for their support of this exhibition.

For more information, download on the press release here (in Japanese also).

We hope to see you in Japan! Omachishiteimasu! Download the new Harmony, Green Map Japan's newsletter!



このたびグリーンマップは、7月21日から8月31日にかけて、北九州の「ゼンリン地図の資料館」 にて『まちエコ・グリーンマップ展』を開催します。展示会では、世界中のユニークなグリーンマップが約50点展示されるとともに、オープングリーンマップを展示場で直接体験できるコーナーもあります。