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Open Knowledge Fest & Helsinki!

Open Knowledge Festival

Green Map System’s director, Wendy Brawer, will soon be in Helsinki Finland, working next week with the wonderful leaders behind Helsinki Green Map at the Open Knowledge Festival. Helsinki's outstanding array of interactive maps and their website GreenMap.fi.

Here are the Open Knowledge Festival Sustainability Stream Outcomes

Here is a Good Map Summit Report with photos and more photos of the day (which was also Helsinki's Autonomy Day).

Helsinki Green Map covers the capital city area of Greater Helsinki, Finland. The Helsinki Green Map working group is a collaboration of Green Map enthusiasts, including members of O2 Finland, design researchers, graphic designers, journalists, and cultural activists. OpenGreenMap.org/helsinki keeps growing! As part of one of our Open Knowledge Festival presentations, we will be out in the streets, adding to this map with some of the festival’s 600 participants. Join us:

Tuesday, 18 Sept 2012 14.00 to 15.30. Optional walk outdoors: 15.30-16.30, where we will co-present Green Maps: Informing & Engaging through Icons in the Aalto PRO Lecture room.

Friday, 21 Sept 2012 14.00 to 15.30 for Green Maps for Socially Inclusive Open Knowledge at the Hack Cinema. Green Mapmakers Arne Purves and Philip Todres of City of Cape Town (and World Design Capital 2014) and Ciprian Samoila of Asociatia Harta Verde Romania will join the conversation too. Together, we can demonstrate how Green Maps turn local information into global interaction.

Special thanks to everyone at the remarkable and exciting OK Festival and the Open Knowledge Foundation. We expect to expand our understanding of open source and make significant progress towards opening our resources in new, well-connected and high impact ways throughout the week.

Follow the action Twitter @HKIGreenMap!

We’re also part of two public events and invite you to join us for the Multicolour Dreams Exhibit Opening on Tuesday evening, near the conference venue (details TBA).

On Saturday, which is Carfree Day in Helsinki, we are hosting the Good Map Summit – our goal is to bring together the key actors - from grassroots activists to entrepreneurs to decision-makers - who somehow use maps in their activities to provide local information, build local communities and support sustainable lifestyles. This will take place in Kiasma from 1 to 6 PM (13.00 to 18.00) in the seminar room. Please join us and register by 15 September.

We are delighted to have the support of the US Embassy in Finland! The Finnish Embassy – perhaps the greenest of all the US Embassies in theworldwide campaign to address this issue- is supporting Wendy’s travel from New York to Helsinki! We all look forward to having Embassy staff join us at events throughout the week. A short video was created by Heidi Day during the Good Map Summit for the Embassy's website.

While we are on the topic of US Embassies – we also want to thank the Prague – Czech Embassy which has recently supported the latest Prague Green Map, created by the mobility-oriented NGO Auto*Mat (English overview). Check out the new edition here.

It's a wonderful time to be in Helsinki, with World Design Capital events happening on every corner! Special thanks to Cindy Kohtala, Pauliina Seppala, Celia Peterson, Outi Ugas, Hanna Linkola, Anne Paalo and everyone at Helsinki Green Map. See you in Finland!