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Cape Town prints 4th Edition Cape Town Green Map

Cape Town Green Map 4th Edition

2012 was a busy year for the Cape Town Green Map. Through it all we managed to produce our 4th Edition Print Map, with the support of the City of Cape Town's Waste Management Department.

See our Media release below,

The 4th print edition of the Cape Town Green Map is now available, with a focus on green by design in line with Cape Town being awarded the World Design Capital in 2014.

Waste and recycling is another key focus. The front cover of the map features three children disposing of litter in a Zibi Bin. The fourth edition highlights some of the City’s initiatives aimed at waste minimization, encouraging citizens to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The map features tips from Zibi, the city’s mascot for waste and recycling.

The Cape Town Green Map encourages people to live and play more sustainably and to make ‘greener’ lifestyle choices.

Cape Town proudly continues to be a leading contributor to the international Open Green Map system. The Green Map System has engaged over 840 communities in 65 countries in mapping green living, nature and culture with adaptable tools and award-winning icons. Thinking Global, Mapping Local! Cape Town Green Map was virtually present at an Open Green Map conference in Helsinki in October where they presented a power point presentation and interacted with the delegates in Helsinki, while sitting in Cape Town.

Much like the previous three print editions, the new print map provides residents and visitors with a guide to a selection of Cape Towns’ favourite sustainable options. Examples include local designers with a green focus, as well as locating waste and recycling sites.

The map also features fair trade shops, city nature reserves, blue flag beaches and marinas, sustainable transportation, and smart living tips for residents to utilize in their homes.

The City’s nature reserves, parks, gardens, beaches and the iconic Table Mountain National Park are treasures to be enjoyed by all residents; you can locate them on the map and plan your visits this summer.

The map is a snap shot of Green Cape Town and encourages the reader to visit the very active website capetowngreenmap.co.za, which has regular updates and keeps you informed of news and events of interest. The site provides opportunities for comment and debate through its social media channels as well as through comments on the website. Readers are encouraged to share their own Green Tips online.

Pick up a copy of the Cape Town Green Map from Cape Town Tourism’s Visitor Information Centres or download a copy from the website at capetowngreenmap.co.za. The map is also available through the numerous listings on the map.

Note to editors:
Cape Town Green Map was initiated as a project by the Host City Cape Town's Green goal 2010 Action Plan, the environmental programme for the 2010 Soccer World Cup™. It is a legacy project that has continued post 2010 as an invaluable source of information for visitors, residents and the commercial sector alike.
The map encourages people to live more sustainably and to make 'greener' lifestyle choices. All sites are listed for free and the printed map listings are selected from www.capetowngreenmap.co.za

Cape Town Green Map joins over 840 communities in 65 countries on www.opengreenmap.org . One of the goals of the project was to produce the most informative and visually pleasing Green Map to date!
The team behind the creation of both the online and printed map are the City of Cape Town Environmental Resource Management Department and A&C maps. For more about the team see http://www.capetowngreenmap.co.za/the-team

For more information about the award-winning map icons - http://www.capetowngreenmap.co.za/icons-criteria
For more information about Cape Town Green Map - http://www.capetowngreenmap.co.za/about
To suggest further sites for inclusion on the map - http://www.capetowngreenmap.co.za/suggest-a-site

Media queries, contact:
Mr Arne Purves,
Environmental Resource Management Department,
arne.purves@capetown.gov.za ,
021 713 0510
082 940 8937

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