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Charting Lower Manhattan's Environment, as Seen by NYC Youth.
About this Map

LoMap is a colorful youth-authored Green Map of Lower Manhattan. This Green Apple Map brings together the expressions of youth from different neighborhoods, backgrounds and age groups (from 7 to 19). Although composed by adults at Green Map System, it features youth and family-oriented natural and cultural sites that have been nominated, described and drawn by 250 young people.

The LoMap methodology was created to involve as many youth as possible in Green Mapmaking, even for a brief time. LoMap's coordinator, Beth Ferguson, gave each group an orientation to sustainability at the community level, and encouraged thoughtful responses. Many of the 20 schools and clubs involved took neighborhood field trips and extended the lesson by making their own Green Maps, writing the Mayor about problems they noticed, or presenting and exchanging their site nominations with others in their group.

This vibrant guide was first published on paper and on-line in April 2001. A manual for replicating the project was completed soon after. LoMap proved to be very popular in the aftermath of 9-11, as people sought out a healing image of Lower Manhattan.

LoMap was completely updated and reprinted in summer 2004. We added many new sites and features, including a Spanish, Chinese and English legend reflecting the diversity of the families living downtown. Although it is currently out of print, you can download the interactive PDF - it has been quite popular with tourists as well as residents.

At the end of 2006, Buckminster Fuller Institute launched the interactive EARTHscope LoMap. This animated version (including videos) is one of the first in a growing, global library of geo-stories about the state of the Earth, our communities and possible futures. We're happy that LoMap has appeared in many publications over the years - we may even make an updated edtion one of these days!

Community Outcomes

Classes used their copies of LoMaps to extend classroom topics into their own communities; to learn how to use the internet; to plan service learning projects; and for eco-literacy, civics, social studies and geography classes. One of the schools on the map expanded its recycling program, and many other sites enjoyed new visitors as a result. While this project is just one of many resources that brought sustainability into the classroom, we're pleased that it has aided the increasing importance of the topic among educators and the Department of Education.

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I just think all is is great

I just think all is is great idea. keep it up. Try putting the NYC Subway map as a PDF on your iPhone it is just too big to be seen as one file even if you have it as an attachment in an email.

Great map

Great map