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Green Map Icon Postcards!

Green Map Icon Postcard

Green Map is happy to announce our new Green Map Icon postcard - an easy-to-use reference guide for our unique set of 170 Nature, Sustainable Living and Culture & Society Icons.

Our iconography is among our most distinctive and vital resources and this recycled paper postcard is a great, resource-efficient introduction!

To get a PDF version of the postcard to display or print locally, choose 1 page or 2 pages.

Want some paper copies for yourself or your organization? If you can cover shipping, we will send you a stack for free! Here are the prices for shipping:

A standard envelope will fit 20 postcards, and weighs 4.8 ounces. To estimate your shipping price, go to postcalc.usps.com and calculate shipping from our zipcode (10002) to yours anywhere in the US. Or choose your country at the top.

For more then 20 postcards, use these weights to help calculate your shipping costs:

10 postcards = 2.5 ounces

50 postcards = 12 ounces

100 postcards = 24 ounces

and so on...use the link at GreenMap.org/donate to send us postage (include your complete mailing address and number of cards in the memo).

Also, visit GreenMap.org/icons to find translated posters, participatory resources and more!