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Victoria Falls

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Come visit the Green Map of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and check out our three new icons!
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In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the Green Map is a planning tool that is part of the Victoria Falls Environmental Capacity and Master Plan Project, a partnership between the governments of Zimbabwe and Canada. Environment 2000's Namo Chuma is now leading the project. Carolyn Rohaly, an urban planner with Canada's HABICO Planning + Architecture Ltd., helped to get the project underway. Their goal was to complete a printed map by mid-July 2001, to be owned and updated locally by E2000 and Victoria Falls community members. They made their goal and printed this color map in June of that year! They have designed three new icons specific to the area: poaching, soil erosion, and deforestation areas. This was the first Green Map printed in Africa! Congrats to Environment 2000.

More recently, discussions have been taking place with colleges in Zambia, with the hope of creating a regional Green Map. Victoria Falls would also like to begin charting the open spaces and a fundraising drive is underway. If you have suggestions, please write to GMS.

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