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Santa Monica Pier Kids' Green Map

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Contact City of Santa Monica, Andrew Basmajian, 310-458-8916 x 1
Or Duvivier Architects, Isabelle Duvivier, 310-399-4944.

My Watershed, the Ocean and Me
About this Map

My Watershed, the Ocean and Me - Kid’s Green Map includes downtown Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Pier and adjacent Santa Monica Bay. The purpose of the map is to show the marine aquatic life found under and around the pier and adjacent beaches. It illustrates the impact of pollution on the marine life from activities on the pier and downtown.

The map focuses attention on a variety of critical resource issues including understanding ocean life, coastal water quality and public health, polluted storm-water runoff and illegal dumping, water conservation, the importance and biology of watersheds and a sense of belonging to a larger community with common environmental concerns.

Community Outcomes

This map is used as an environmental education tool by a variety of environmental organizations such as Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and Environmental Programs Division of the City of Santa Monica.

It is also uses as a watershed education tool by Santa Monica Unified School District.

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