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Green Map of Göteborg Sweden
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Göteborg is the home of Sweden's well-known environmental information organization, Ekocentrum (http://www.ekocentrum.nu), with whom mapmaker Einar Hansson produced the first regional Green Map of Göteborg and surroundings using Green Map Icons in 2000. 50,000 free copies were published each year. Two new Green Maps charting over 200 sites in Göteborg and the Vastra Götaland Region were published in 2003, a large folding map in English and a comprehensive 60-page booklet in Swedish.

The Ekocentrum features a comprehensive environmental exhibition, short courses and the Green Map as a way to underline the existence of pioneering projects supporting sustainable development. Ekocentrum uses the Green Map as a powerful tool for study tours and technical visits from many countries, raising public awareness in schools, environmental groups, companies, etc. The project is supported by the environmental secretariat of the Vastra Gotaland Regional Board, the Urban Planning Office and the Environmental Office of the City of Goteborg, Business Region Goteborg and others. Plans for a 2006 edition are underway.

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