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Sustainable Calgary launched their first printed citywide Green Map in 2000. It's a wonderful topo map with emphasis on bike lanes rather than roads. It's huge and beautiful! In June 2001, their wonderfully easy to navigate online Green Map was posted as well. Project leader Michael Gray, Kyle White and Colynn Kerr planned the map and held a special event that celebrated it: a car-less road rally utilizing 10 sites from the road-free map. "It was like a treasure hunt with participants being given clues to direct them to the various sites, with transportation to the sites by transit, bike, rollerblade or foot." Some even participated by shopping cart!

Over the years, the Calgary team has developed two community-based approaches, involving youth and citizens from different socio-economic backgrounds. Their first Youth Green Map was completed during the summer of 1998. This Child Friendly Calgary project was led by Michael Gray of Building Blocks, and culminated in the first completed Green Map by youngsters! The youth program expanded in 2000, and Michael contributed a terrific journal template to GMS's youth mapping resources. His presentations have been well-received in many conferences.

This project began with a feasibility study conducted by students at the Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary who presented design options (GIS and non-computer) to Sustainable Calgary, a process of interest to all Green Mapmakers. The Map's initiator is planner Carolyn Rohaly, one of first people behind the Eco Montreal Map. She has been involved in GMS at her new home in the West. She spoke on Green Maps at the Toronto Sustainable Transportation Conference in July 1998, and helped create the Victoria Falls Green Map project in 2000-01!).

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