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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
About this Map

Green Map Pittsburgh is a GIS system that provides information on the environmental, cultural, and historical resources in the 11-county region of southwestern Pennsylvania. This project, now over two years old, was created to raise awareness of quality of life issues in the region. You'll find several maps, graphics, textual information, links, and directions to destinations using latitudes/longitudes. The project was created by 3 Rivers Connect with the help of Sustainable Pittsburgh, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Corporation, and others. This project is currently managed by Ronald Gdovic, Executive Director, 3 Rivers Connect, and Amy D. Kapp, 3 Rivers Connect's Data Developer.

3 Rivers Connect has also created both a paper-based and CD-Rom version of the greenpittsburgh.net website. The printed map covers the City of Pittsburgh, with significant sites being identified for the 11-county Southwestern Pennsylvania Region. The CD-Rom covers the entire 11-county region. This extensive, colorful map uses a unusual waterproof paper that is very durable!

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