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Capilla del Monte

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This project is led by Dr. Ana Maria Faggi, ecologist and Flores University instructor. The first completed sections of the Buenos Aires Green Map were posted online and a printed poster was created in time for the November 1998 United Nations Climate Change conference (COP4). This wonderful map was the first in Spanish -- in fact Dr. Faggi was the first to translate the Green Map Icons into Spanish. This team's excellent work has helped us understand the importance of helping sustainability concepts flow from the South to the North. Dr. Faggi worked with 30 university students each semester, and they presented their neighborhood green site surveys at October 1997's University Congress, and their Map at April 98's Congress. Dr. Faggi also presented Green Maps as an environmental education tool at Argentina's September 1998 Geography Congress, and has made several other major presentations.

A separate project is underway at the Piaget School, where students from 4 class years are Green Mapping the area.

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