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Climate Action with Green Map

Featuring our climate actions, including Climate Week NYC events, media and history!

What's coming up in 2018? #AnimateChange! Developed during Climate Week, this campaign debuts
October 1st!

This slideshow traces 10 years of our climate maps, experiences and outcomes, and this postblog shares the story of our work for climate health (such as our award-winning Tour video, our preparedness video, GreenMap.org/bikeready, and our interactive energy and climate map), too.

Curious about other recent 'from mapping to making green places' climate actions? Download our director's 2017 overview here.

Our 2016 creative climate action is framed by a short video that helps cyclists get organized to pitch in during emergencies. Watch it at GreenMap.org/bikeready in English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, thanks to the support of filmmaker Peter Shapiro and LES Ready.

Follow us on Twitter for updates at @GreenMap and explore how we put Climate and Energy on the map everyday - you can do it too!
Register at GreenMap.org/join and use Green Mapmaking to help promote climate awareness and action where you live.


2018 events include the Stanton Building's June 23rd event - watch for details about this community climate action lab at facebook.com/stantonbldg. Recent events included our Climate Week 2017 event, and the for Sandy's fifth anniversary in partnership with The New School on October 26, 2017!

Many thanks to everyone who took part in these past events!

You are invited to explore the Lower East Side, on a shared bike with us during 2017's Climate Week bicycling tour of renewables and bio-design.

You can pitch in on development of the Stanton Building as a community climate action center, too.

Friday Sept 19, 2014 midday
Union Square Greenmarket
Climate Design Pop Up! Get a Green Map there!

3 events on Saturday, 20 September 2014

<LUNGS Harvest Festival on the Lower East Side
11AM Green Mapmaking for Climate Health workshop at a lovely Community Garden, Green Oasis, East 8th St. btwn Aves C & D

Permaculture Skill Share and Music Festival at the Old Stone House of Brooklyn
3:30PM – Create Your Own Green Map - there are 25 great workshops here!

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces
6:15 - History of Grassroots Activism in NYC
155 Avenue C between East 9th and 10th Streets
Where does change come from? Explore the history of sustainability social movements on the Lower East Side and their impacts on climate and community wellbeing with Bill DiPaolo of Time’s Up and Wendy Brawer of Green Map. Bikes, gardens, composting, green living, maps and more – the power to change is yours.

Friday Sept 26, 5 to 7:30 pm
Climate Week Workshop at Green Map System
220a East 4th Street, NYC
Meet at Green Map System and explore how this 65-country social movement is changing how people understand, visualize and take action for their home places. After a quick world tour and video debut, you’ll learn how to bring Green Mapmaking into your community to promote climate health and engage broad participation. Then, take to the street to test your new skills! A condensed but easy walking tour will explore climate impacts in the East Village and ways its unique social fabric address resiliency. This is a Climate Week NYC event, and a diversity of participants is welcome!

We loved taking part in the big march, too (enjoy photos by Eric Goldhagen).

Lots more events: