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PDA databases - input your data directly in the field

Continuing another blog where I announced a more powerful portable computer, Trimble Nomad, I will present you some of the software that can be used on such a PDA (applicable for other PDAs such as Dell Axim or HP Ipaq etc.)

In the process of starting collecting greenmap data, I preferred choosing a new methodology (in my case) other than carrying tens of paper forms with me.
So, having my HP Ipaq hw6900 series already in my office, a search for the proper database software that can help me input the data properly was needed.

Here are some choices:

FAST - The data collection application costs US$49.00 for each PDA and US$200.00 for the software to move the records from PDA to computer. It exports into access, geodatabases,shapefiles and csv files and will also auto associate images. The main cost comes in if you want to design the survey forms in house...the forms designer application is around US$2000.00 http://www.geoage.com/fast.html

Cybertracker - CyberTracker software can be used on smart phones and handheld computers to record observations of any level of complexity. It allows anyone, regardless of their field of interest, to customize a series of screen interfaces specifically adapted to their own data collection needs. http://www.cybertracker.co.za/ OPEN SOURCE

Pendragon Software - is a pretty good program that is focused on PDA forms; it links to a Microsoft Access database on a PC. It's not free, $300 plus $65 for each extra user
license (if you need more), but that's not too bad. http://www.pendragon-software.com/

Any database can be exported in such a way to fit into GIS.

Any thoughts? Experiences?

And what was/is your greenmap database structure like? We all need to learn from your experience.

The Craik Green Map was

The Craik Green Map was comptia security+ created to highlight areas and vcp braindump activities in the local area relating to sustainable living. It shows the town of Craik and some of its surrounding are, including Arm Lake and the Arm River Valley. The map was designed by Paul Stinson, and vcp-410 overlays a road map and Green Map Icons over an aerial photograph of Craik in the spring. Since the maps publication, a number of new initiatives have been developed, which will be included sat test in the next edition.

Microsoft's initial

Microsoft's initial communications about the Professional Series certifications, was announced that a "refresh" or re-certification of the MCITP and MCPD credentials would be required within three years. This policy has changed. To address the needs of the worldwide customer base, the updated policy is to retire a certification when mainstream support for the related technology retires. There is no action required if a Professional Series certification was earned before the policy change; the updated policy applies to the certification, which will be valid until mainstream support for the related technology retires.70-443 | 70-444 | 70-445 | 70-446 | 70-447 | 70-299 | 70-350 | 70-451 | 70-452 | 70-400 | 70-401 | 70-403 | 70-404