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Launched! Mapping our Common Ground, V3

On May 31, 2018, Green Mapmakers celebrated the debut of Mapping our Common Ground, third edition in two locations, simultaneously!

Download your copy free at bit.ly/MCG18-pdf!

• The main event took place at an international conference in Budapest, Hungary. Maeve Lydon of the Common Ground Community Mapping network and Crystal Tremblay of University of Victoria presented the eBooklet at the morning session of the Living Knowledge Network - Science Shops workshop sessions.

• The Bistrita Green Map was launched by the Asociația Harta Verde România at the same time. Since co-author Wendy Brawer was taking part in this Green Map workshop along with program coordinator Ciprian Samoila, the new Mapping our Common Ground was also introduced to this local audience at the beautiful Biblioteca Judeteana Bistrita-Nasaud.

Updated and expanded, this free 64-page eBooklet is a comprehensive guide based on the participatory community and Green Mapping experiences of the Common Ground Community Mapping network, the University of Victoria Community Mapping Collaboratory in Canada, and the worldwide Green Map network. Our thanks to dozens of Green Map projects and global partners that contributed to this third edition.

Download the presentation below!

Co-produced and written by Wendy Brawer, Ken Josephson and Maeve Lydon. Originally published in 2006 with a Spanish version produced in 2007, this 2018 updated edition reflects the progress made in community mapping and technologies, featuring campus curriculum and research, digital technologies, participatory planning and co-development, and more.

Maeve Lydon noted, "Mapping our Common Ground is also intended to inspire and support “localization for sustainability,” the worldwide movement by citizens and communities to engage with and represent the vital interconnections between the human, natural, and built environments and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Educators, community developers, planners, and community activists alike have tested the Guide’s mapping exercises and applied them to real-life."

The core message is: We can all be mapmakers who create positive energy and action for our communities and the environment! Think Global, Map Local!

Mapping Our Common Ground launch introduction 3-18.pdf1.28 MB