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Wellington, New Zealand

The Wellington Green Map gives you information on environmentally and ecologically significant sites in the Wellington region—places of natural beauty, green businesses, environment centres, ecologically-designed buildings, bike and walking paths.
About this Map

The main objectives for the Wellington Green Map are to aid environmental education on every level, and to promote 'greener' tourism and the concept of sustainability. Our aims are to motivate and empower communities and individuals to work to achieve sustainable development in Wellington through:

* The development of an environment/conservation electronic community network which will encourage activism.
* Building and maintaining relationships within the environment/conservation community.
* Maximising opportunities for groups and individuals to work together and share resources.
* Encouraging the participation of communities in the management of social change.

Wellington has a virtual team that posted the first version of their colorful interactive Green Map in March 1999. The new version was launched in September. This process under construction is led by webmaster Tom Robinson, with the involvement of Tina Gehrke, who initiated the Wellington Green Map in 1997, and many others including Mike Ennis, Sabrina Mazzoni, Ray Ahipene-Mercer, Jim Robinson, Nikki Slade-Robinson and Mike Mellor.

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