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Somerest County, New Jersey

A Green Map of Somerset County.
About this Map

Rutgers students have posted three unique and exciting Green Maps created in Professor David Tulloch's course in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Rutger's Cook College. Click to download a PDF and explore. We are especially fond of the one created for children, which combines elements of a coloring book with the map, inviting users to add the correct colors to sketches of native plants & animals! In Spring 2003, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection selected one of these Green Maps as the Best Overall, with second place for uniqueness and newby-ness. Congratulations to team members Tsz Ting Liu, Marina Lotarevich, Robert Martin, Brett Taylor, Alan Lee, Jeffrey Skinner and Matt Jones -- also to Professor Tulloch! More of this continuing project is online now too! It's exciting to see this project explore PPGIS-- Public Participation in Geographic Info Systems, thanks to David's keen interest in this growing movement.

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