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Website Changeover Soon!

Transitioning from website to website, 2007

You may have noticed a launch party announcement, set for December 10, 2018

During the next few days, this 2007-2018 website known as the 'Greenhouse' will be replaced at GreenMap.org so you may notice a moment of disruption or two.

We are so grateful to all the people who have contributed to this website over the years! It will still be online, and accessible at http://GreenMap.org/greenhouse/home, as long as Drupal 4.7 is supported. It was built out over a two year period, led by Thomas Turnbull, with Carlos Martinez, Beth Ferguson, Wendy Brawer, Gottfried Haider, Yelena Zolotorevskaya, Maddy Goldfarb, Miikka Lammela and Yoko Ishibashi, plus Openflows and most recently Ciprian Samoila, who is also taking the lead on the new website.

Soon, explore the new website at GreenMap.org!

More credits are here and if you wondered why we called it the Greenhouse, as noted "You can even smell the distinct aromas of this new garden of Green Maps... Let's keep nurturing this 'bouquet' with your projects and experiences...". Thank you!