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Toronto, Canada

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Toronto is the home of The OTHER Map of Toronto produced by the Green Tourism Association (GTA). The third edition of their wonderful and inspiring Green Map was published on EarthDay 2005, keeping up a wonderful tradition!

The second edition of The OTHER Map of Toronto was launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2003. 120,000 copies were printed and are distributed free throughout the Toronto region, across Canada and internationally. This large two-sided map is overlaid on an aerial photo and features a comprehensive range of sites, photos, activities, and information to link visitors and residents to the many green adventures and experiences the Toronto region has to offer. The map was printed using a waterless printing process on EcoLogo certified paper. (The 3rd edition is on the way). Read all about Toronto's story in the Green Map Atlas!

The GTA launched Toronto's only Green Tourism Web Map on June 10th, 2004. The interactive web map highlights over 200 listings and lets users search by category and use navigation tools that zoom in, out and directionally to access information. A printer friendly map ready for use is also available.

The first edition of The OTHER Map of Toronto was launched at Toronto City Hall on July 15, 1999. It was one of the first green maps to connect tourism with the environment, and to be launched by the mayor! The GTA also published a guidebook, The OTHER Guide to Toronto, in 2001. The guidebook is the first in the world to focus specifically on urban green tourism and includes listings of members of the Association identified by the corresponding Green Map icons. For more information on the Assocation and its projects and initiatives, visit www.greentourism.ca or contact Justin Lafontaine, Director. Green Map System is especially thankful for all the great contributions made to our global program over the years by this project and its team!

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