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Malmö Sweden, maps 1997-2002

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Sustainable City and Regional Views
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The Malmö Green Map is a guide to natural resources and sustainable solutions for life in this Swedish city. The map shows the way to hundreds of environmentally significant places in Malmö and the surrounding area. Malmö Green Map began as a project under Malmö's environmental campaign 1997, The Green Thread. The second updated and refined edition was released 1999. The map shows the city on one side, and the region on the other. It is color coded for Swedish and English readers, and explains local customs, such as Allemansrätten, which provides the public with legal access to privately owned land in open country.

In 2001 the Malmö Green Map project has developed further under the name Your Green Guide to Malmö. It is part of an environmental communication project financed with support from the Swedish government under the City of Malmö's Local Investment Programme for sustainable development.

A special Green Map for the European Housing Expo Bo01, was published in the international magazine Sustainable Building in April 2001. This map was then developed further and was launched on June 27th in a printed Swedish and English version. The map can be viewed on the website www.greenguide.nu, together with other information on the Malmö project. In May 2002, new maps were added on the themes of food and cycling.

The Green Map of Malmö 2001 was first published in the Agenda 21 newspaper Green City as a centerfold in the June 13 edition. 45.000 copies were printed. The purpose of this version was to get feedback for the final edition. The newly redesigned map focused on the city of Malmö, with more info on the green points listed. Check out developments on www.greenguide.nu. The project is led by eco-architect Tor Fossum. Fia Niemi and Julia Gradin did research and updating of information. Malmö's first youth map covered the Ecocity Agustenborg area, with a group of 6 youths leading the work with the help of younger kids (www.ekostaden.com).

In Year 2000, many members of our Green Map network converged in Malmö for our first European Regional Meeting -- see pictures of this meeting and our exhibit at the Stockholm Challenge (an information technology for society prize, where Green Map System was a finalist) on the Events page. We also had an exhibit at the Malmö Library. Thanks again to Tor Fossum for his great hosting and organizing skills!

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