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Providence of Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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A First in Holland History
About this Map

In Holland, September 19, 1999 was declared the first National Car-Free Day and the Province of Noord-Brabant made it Cycling Day, too. That is when the Province-wide "Groene fietskaart van Brabant" -- the Green Cycling Map -- made its appearance. This colorful map features photographs and in-depth text. It covers 25 municipalities, and was produced by the Municipality of Breda, Dienst Stadsbeheer. Simultaneously, a Gardens Green Map was produced, showing the province's best. A special event and environmental education market was held on September 19 in Breda. The Green Cycling Map was available at tourist information offices, libraries, town halls and environmental education centres throughout the province, but all 25,000 copies were claimed in just one month, so planning on the next edition soon began! The project organizer Renate Foks worked with designer Ad Vermeulen and project manager Wieke Bonthuis. Renate is also the Green Mapmaker of Eindhoven, and that Map made its debut on World Environment Day 2000 (June 5). The Breda Green Map was reprinted in 2003.

More about these projects is at greenmap.nl

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