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Sheffield, England

Ecology 101
About this Map

Sheffield, England is the site of an exciting community project involving Sheffield Hallam University, Tom Stafford, Scot Fletcher, Heely City Farm, Handspring, Curved, and other groups. This image is from the first community meeting on the project, where over 60 people took part. The Heeley Green Map was first published in 2002 and the Sheffield University Area Green Map features food (especially local and organic!) reuse, repair and recycling, greener shopping, walking and play areas. Published as a newspaper centerfold, it reached a very wide audience. The complete printed edition of the Sheffield Green Food Map made its debut as a folding map at a local food feast on April 1 2005. Special thanks to Tom Stafford for the wonderful article on world Green Map in the July 2003 issue of a very important magazine, The Ecologist!

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