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Osaka Chuo Green Map

Osaka Chuo Green Map is a digital Green Map developed using Mixi social networking resources. It will involve many members of the public, and is being created by Chikafumi Kawamoto, a government official with the Osaka Industrial Design Center, Osaka Prefectural Government. In 2006, our community has 2,000,000 members so far.
About this Map

For creation of this map, we use community on the website in spite of creating general paper map.

In our community on mixi, we contain several themes, including vegetables fresh from the firm, natural food restaurant, beauty spot for bloom gazing, recycle store, bicycle rental, cultural facility, environmental information and each of these are explored.

We aim to create real time environment which links across communities by taking advantage of Green Map icons as topics that connect them individually.

There are no updates on this project.

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