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Higashi-Fukuoka Green Map

Higashi-Fukuoka Green Map is created from our hope that our mapmaking is of some help to educational campaign for improving function check and contaminated area which is a proposed site of Ramsar Convention as a recycling society.
About this Map

The Higashi-Fukuoka Green Map is online, despite a massive earthquake hitting Japan's southern island in March 2005. Created by Keiichiro Masuda and Econet-Fukuoka. The group had completed the first view of the map shortly before the earthquake, but since many sites were damaged, they are now in the process of re-investigating each. With its detailed views, this Green Map can help in the preservations of these sites. Furthermore, maps of each elementary school zone in Higashi-Fukuoka are being added, as are sites that encourage resource circulation (reuse and recycling) as well as awareness of pollution.

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