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Hiroshima Ecopeace Map

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Peace and ecology after 1945 are the themes of the Green Map of Hiroshima, Japan, which is being created by Shoichiro Sendai, Associate Professor and his students at Laboratory of Architectural History & Design Theory, Hiroshima University. Youth, adults and elders work together on this project, called the Ecopeace Map. In early 2004, their wonderful and innovative Green Map was published.
About this Map

This map is continuously created through a cycle of fieldwork, workshops, exhibitions and discussions called Open Cafes. The fieldwork for this round was done by traveling on the team, then investigating the urban landscape on foot.

Then, at workshops, we grouped the sites into different color categories: green for Good, red for Bad, and yellow for mixed opinions, with each age group poltting sites on their own maps. Interestingly, places that adults found green could be red for children, and vice versa!

With 2 layers of sites, this map includes both 1945 pre-bomb view and a contemporary view of “Ecopeace Sites.” Apart from the color-coded sites, approximately 30 “Ecopeace Sites” were chosen –both places we want to preserve and new places we hope will be considered “Ecopeace Sites” in the future. The contemporary layer is on tracing paper and will be updated in the future, as things change.

The Hiroshima Ecopeace Map is for everyone, including all generations of citizens. Through the process of mapmaking, each generation ultimately contributes to a single comprehensive map. All icons on the map, except for Ecopeace Sites, reflect the sensibility of each and every participant.

There are no updates on this project.

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