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Green Apple Map at Youth Fair

Trinity Church Partners held its annual Youth Fair last week. "Being Green" was the theme for this year and Green Map System's Green Apple Map project and staff members Yelena Zolotroveskya and Carlos Martinez were invited to present a workshop introducing youth Green Mapmaking resources (including the Energy and Environment Exploration Modules) with students and teachers from local high schools. Green Apple Map is the local New York City project of this global non-profit organization, and is designed both to benefit New Yorkers and develop new approaches that could be adapted in other cities.

Joanna Wu, a student at Leadership and Public Service High School and Trinity's intern said in her welcoming speech: "We would like to take this opportunity to spread awareness on global warming. What you do each day effects the environment so take this time to educate yourself on how to be green."

The participants received the Powerful Green Map of NYC, the Compost Map of Manhattan, an organic cotton t-shirt, C.F.L light bulb, and recyclable water bottle. They were also introduced to the forthcoming Green Schools Green Map. Youth and education events have taken centerstage this month at Green Map System!

Special thanks to Joanna Wu, Leon Johnson and Anita Chan from Trinity Church Partners, a program of the Trinity Church Wall Street.

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