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Green Maps in Expo Zaragoza 2008

Expo 2008 is an international exposition where countries, non-government organizations and private companies gather. This year the main topic is Water and sustainable development. The thematic squares are: Thirst, Cities of water, Extreme water, Water and energy, Shared water, Aquatic inspirations. This global gathering will be held from June 14th to September 14th in Zaragoza (Spain), and our Japanese friends from Green Map Aichi (which formed around EXPO 2005) will be representing our growing movement.

The pavilion El Faro will be the gathering spot for NGOs around the world. July 17th is Green Map Day, leaded by Green Map Aichi. The stage program will include Green Map video clips from Cuba and Asia, Icon games, music, gifts and a new Spanish slideshow presentation, which you can view here:

Green Maps is an inspiring initiative for communities, businesses and decision-makers. Some great examples of Green Maps that have focused on water issues are:

The Meadowlands Green Map, New Jersey, US
Produced by New Jersey Meadowlands Development Commission, a state regional agency, this friendly Green Map features parks and trails, landfill resoration sites, wetlands and waterbodies, along with all of the open space planned for preservation in the district.

Santa Monica Pier Kid's Green Map, California, US
This youth project focuses attention on a variety of critical resource issues including understanding ocean life, coastal water quality and public health, polluted storm-water runoff and illegal dumping, water conservation, the importance and biology of watersheds and a sense of belonging to a larger community with common environmental concerns.

China Mangrove Conservation Network
CMCN is a grassroot NGO that promotes mangroves conservation. They have carried out the China Mangroves Protection Project over the past five years and Green Maps have been an essential part of this outstanding project that have worked in mangrove growing provinces.