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Cape Town gets a Green Map!

The City of Cape Town gives the go-ahead to A&C maps and urban sprout to begin work on producing a Cape Town Green Map for the Mother City. The team is to create both an online and a printed map later this year that will act as a doorway to all that is green in the mother city. This will position Cape Town as the green city in South Africa.

Cape Town’s Green Map will likewise promote and encourage sustainable living practices and care for the environment.

The team start to collect listings for the map, drawing on the city’s incredible array of nature reserves, and urban sprout’s directory of green locations. Icons are selected from the opengreenmap list of icons, and criteria for icons are established.

A design brief has been given to the designer, who begins work on the Cape Town Green Map’s logo and the website look and feel.

The team decides to get a blog live as soon as possible so that Cape Town’s community and impassioned supporters of green living can contribute to the project, submit green sites, consider the criteria, and help focus the map so that it represents LOCAL green ventures – green markets, innovative projects, alternative energy sites, recycling projects, local events, sustainable consumption, bicycle paths, green spaces etc.

Work begins to find sponsors for Cape Town’s Green Map. The team are confident that champions of the map will see the benefit in creating consumer awareness for more sustainable practices.