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The 4BsHive in Bistrita under a Grundtvig Preparatory Visit

The 4BsHive in Bistrita

Asociatia Ascendent from Bistrita hosted representatives from three European countries (Germany, UK and Hungary) during a Gruntdvig preparatory visit under the European Commission Education and Training programme. The meeting took place at the town youth center in the historical center of Bistrita town in the period 15-20 January 2009.

The Grundtvig programme focuses on the teaching and study needs of those in adult education and alternative education streams, as well as the institutions and organisations delivering these services.

The four European Green Mapmakers, Ciprian Samoila (Bistrita), Steve Parry (Bristol), Gergo Horvath (Budapest) and Pit van de Loo (Berlin) met to discuss a transnational collaboration under the Grundtvig partnership programme with an application deadline on 20 February 2009.

The agenda objectives of the 4BsHive were meeting all partners involved in the project, exchange information and look for a common ground for a transnational collaboration. In the end we aimed to fill in the Grundtvig partnership application.
An eco tour was also provided for the guests with the help of Dr. Corina Ernst of Asociatia Ascendent Bistrita, who helped considerably in organizing the meeting.

Useful links related to our meeting:

* local newspaper announcing the meeting in Bistrita

* meeting photos

* a video production, courtesy of Bjela Prossowsky, presenting an excellent video summary of our meeting

* a visual documentation of our collaborational Green Map project across Europe, check Gergo's Flick album at

Greeting from Bistrita,
Ciprian Samoila

4BsHive - EU funding success!

We recently heard from the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme regarding our application for a Partnership project with Berlin, Budapest and Bistrita (Transylvania, Romania). To our delight the news is all four partners have been approved! The project's aim is to facilitate collaborative green mapping within and between the four partners. We will use the Open Green Map system which interactively charts natural, cultural and green living sites.

This is a transnational project between four river cities: Bristol (UK), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary) and Bistrita (Romania). The project will set in motion a collaborative, green map-making process within and between these four European partners. This will involve the creation of online and possibly paper maps charting local resources for more sustainable living. These thematic maps will use the internationally standardized Green Map System (GMS) of icons.

Participants will have the opportunity to gain new ICT skills and learn more about sustainability issues locally and internationally. They will exchange experiences and learn about other European communities on Study Visits. This will be achieved through a participatory process that is creative, enjoyable and enhances confidence. The process may include storytelling, photography and film-making through group and public events.

Outputs and Products will include a Study Visit to each Partner, a shared website, four local green maps, documentary film (online/DVD) and a European Green Mapping Guide. Target Groups will include those from disadvantaged and under-represented sectors including older people and those without basic qualifications.

GreenBristol will be welcoming participants from all three partner cities to an event in Bristol this October. We will be working with Knowle West Media Centre as our local partner in this project.

Initial Start Up Meeting The BeeHive Project 2009 Berlin

We (Querspur e.V in cooperation with Greenmap Berlin) are pleased to welcome the European project partners here in Berlin from the 2th of 3th of September. Reason for this meeting is to fine tune some of the projects agenda and to visit some project related sites here in Berlin. At the evening of the 3th there is furthermore planned to meet up with Wendy Brawer Green Map System funder and director to discuss the potential impact of this project for the whole worldwide spread out Green Map Community.