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Website goes live in beta

The website - www.capetowngreenmap.co.za goes live in beta version on 30 March. The team is happy with its progress, although there are still a few things to iron out before the official launch of the site, such as the slide show, which remains static but will function as a dynamic slide show featuring pictures from the map and Cape Town.

In the meantime there is synergy between Cape Town's green map and the official launch of the Open Green Map system. Both are set to launch on 5 June 2009, World Environment Day!

The Cape Town Green map team begin actively sourcing and approaching partners and sponsors, who are overwhelmingly positive about the map, particularly as there is a focus on South Africa for 2010. This despite the current downward trend of the economy. It appears that whilst business is feeling the squeeze, the effort to green (or blue) our planet is still a priority.

The website's capacity to function as a PR platform for partners and sponsors is intensified by www.capetowngreenmap.co.za 's association with opengreenmap.org.