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Cape Town Green Map goes 'live' with a virtual launch on World Environment Day

The Cape Town Green Map - www.capetowngreenmap.co.za isn’t just a bunch of intersecting lines and street names. Rather it is the heart of the city, a green life-force, which sends out information via the numerous vessels and networks of the internet.

As with all maps, it provides direction – but with a difference.

No other map has attempted to chart and detail the city of Cape Town from a green angle before. The map can be used to make greener lifestyle choices, and help people to make more informed decisions on how to live sustainably. It is also different because it is on-going, evolving and constantly being updated.

The map highlights important green spaces, biodiversity hot spots, sustainable living projects, alternative energy sites, recycling projects and drop-offs, local green events, markets, eateries, responsible tourism, green accommodation, fair-trade businesses, eco-products and services, green attractions, alternative energy sites and a lot more.

And anyone can be involved in adding a site (place) to the map, either by using the 'suggest a site' form or by joining the map as a mapmaker.

The already over 80 sites have been uploaded by a combination of mapmakers that include the team at urban sprout, whose online directory serves as a source for the map's listings. They are joined by a couple of other mapmakers, a number of whom run popular green blogs. Their printed map counterpart, A&C Maps, who is responsible for a variety of maps such as the “Not the official guide to Cape Town”, the “Pink Map” and the “Food Map” will bring out a printed version of the Cape Town Green Map in October of this year.

The City of Cape Town’s Environmental Resource Management team initiated the Cape Town Green Map as part of the Green Goal 2010 programme - a programme that aims to make the 2010 Fifa World Cup™, the greenest world cup yet. They have added nature reserves, green spaces and biodiversity hotspots to the map – some of them yet to be discovered by Capetonians.

The map ultimately serves both as a source for local Cape Town residents, so that they can find the nearest green site to suit their needs, as well as for tourists and visitors who want to make their holidays “greener” and cultivate environmentally conscious consumer habits.

In October of this year, a printed version of the map will become available at tourist information sites and the airport. They will be snapped up by visitors coming to the Mother City for the World Cup.

The Cape Town Green Map is the first Green Map on the continent - a fitting status given its importance as a biodiversity hot spot. The city will lead Africa in a project that shares sustainable sites and resources online with the rest of the world.

Table Mountain - vote for it!

In the last few days Table Mountain, Cape Town's beloved flat-topped mountain that forms part of Table Mountain National Park and is synonymous with the Mother City as well as the most well-known tourist attraction in South Africa, has moved from around no 27 to number 5 position in the official new7wonders of nature voting. Our aim is to get it to no 1 position! Vote for Table Mountain here! and read more about it here.