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Putting Social Innovation on the Map!

New York staff at Green Map System are pleased to be working with the DESIS Lab, a unique design for social innovation and design partnership based at Parsons The New School of Design.

The Rockefeller Foundation has awarded The New School a prestigious New York City Cultural Innovation Fund award to support the work of the DESIS Lab, as further described in their blog at desis.parsons.edu/. The project will utilize the Open Green Map platform and begin by discovering and mapping great examples of social innovation and sustainability in the neighborhood surrounding Green Map's global office. The goal is to promote these activities, help them improve with appropriate design tools and teaching activities, and to foster comparative research.

DESIS is a global network, based on the work initiated by Ezio Manzini in several countries, as seen at
desis-network.org. We'll be adding more here as things shape up in 2010-2011!