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Cape Town Green Map - Now Available in print

Cape Town Green Map

The 24 November 2009 was the launch of the print version of the Cape Town Green Map - a user-friendly, handy guide that makes green choices both accessible and meaningful.
The print map is a fresh take on the Mother city's natural environment, reminding visitors and residents to live, work and play responsibly in order to reduce human impact on our fragile ecosystems.

Whilst the website is a dynamic and interactive way to engage with 'green Cape Town', the print map is an easy-to-hold snapshot in time for easy reference. All of the sites have been handpicked from a far greater availability on the online version of the map – not an easy task, considering there are now over 250 of them.

The most important criterion used by the team when making their selection for the print version of the map from the green listings on the website, was the 'visitablity' of the sites.

The print map is divided into easy-to-use sections that feature - 'good food', 'local and organic markets', 'responsible tours', a section called 'visit', which highlights places, projects and villages that are environmentally responsible, a 'shopping' section, and a number of information boxes that highlight great green reads, online resources, recycling collection services and the like.

The printed version of the Cape Town Green Map will be available free of charge at all Cape Town Tourism Visitor Information Centres from early December. Cape Town Tourism is a contributing sponsor of the Cape Town Green Map and is committed to implementing the Host City Cape Town Green Goal 2010 programme.

Or you also can download a pdf version of the map here:
Cape Town Green Map pdf download

Visit Cape Town Green Map for more download options.

Both versions are suitable for reading on your computer, and for printing on the paper size indicated. If you would like to print, please print double-sided. The files sizes have been optimised for good viewing and small download (which also saves energy).

The launch took place up on the hill of Tygerberg Hills Nature Reserve this morning, and was attended by sponsors and contributors to the project.

In keeping with their green message, the team's means of getting to the launch was in the form of carbon neutral transport supplied by The Green Cab (they're listed on the map). The Green Cab have a fleet powered by liquefied petroleum gas and second generation biodiesel, and, for events such as the launch of the print map, residual emissions are offset through Food and Trees for Africa.

The map is printed on SAPPI sponsored Triple Green paper, an environmentally-friendly paper stock made from chlorine-free sugar cane fibre, to support sustainable afforestation in South Africa. The printers use only vegetable based inks and presses rated amongst the most energy efficient in the world.

The map is a project of Host City Cape Town Green Goal 2010, the environmental programme for the 2010 FIFIA World Cup™. As such it is aimed at raising environmental awareness and providing valuable 'green' information as part of the green Goal programme's green building and sustainable lifestyles target area.

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