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Green Map System Featured in NYC Media

Wendy on NYC Media

Our founder, Wendy Brawer has been featured in a special green episode of $9.99 on NYC Media. This media outlet is the official TV, radio and online network of NYC. This program, featuring Vivian Guzman, seeks out places and activities in NYC for New Yorkers and tourists alike, who are on a shoestring budget of only $9.99. In this episode, titled “Going Green”, places such as the Hearst Tower, the Highline and the Union Square Green Market were featured.

From 19.49 to 21.02 on the video, Wendy Brawer was interviewed at the Union Square Green Market. On Material Mondays, people can bring in and recycle their used textiles such as bed sheets and old clothes. They can also drop off their food waste at the compost bins located in the square. Using our Compost Green Map of Manhattan, you could search for the nearest compost bins from your home. Our Powerful Green Apple Map of energy resources will help you explore green and sustainable places in NYC.

Explore the city through a green lens!

I know I will be doing just that while I am at work at my internship at Green Map System this summer. I’m Celine and since it is my 2nd week in NYC, I’ll be counting on the Green Apple Map to introduce me to NYC’s hidden green gems. I’m currently studying at Vassar College and majoring in Sociology and Geography. It is just my second day at the office but since everything and everyone moves at lightning speed around here, I already know that I will be involved in the translation of Open Green Map into Mandarin (Simplified Chinese) and helping out with the semi-virtual Youth Mapmaking internship program. I look forward to contributing to Green Map System throughout this summer and perhaps after that.

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