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Choosing the Correct Organizational Type

Online, in the Green Map Service Support Fee Calculator, you will select the category that most closely describes your Mapmaking organization and specific Green Map project approach. Then, select your country (high income fee = 100%, middle income fee = 66%, low income fee = 33%). Then chose your project term, with discounts for longer terms. More details are in the online Fee Calculator, linked to Mapmaker Registration or in the Service Support Fee Chart. Contact us with any questions after reading the guidance below.

School: Public or private, kindergarten through high school (includes home-schooled children). If you are a nonprofit organization working with several schools, please register as a nonprofit. Options: 1 class, 1 school, up to 4 schools, school district.

University/college: Includes 2 year, 4 year, graduate and doctoral programs. Includes continuing (adult) education programs, if based at a university or college. An Eco-Club should register as a department. If multiple departments are involved, register as a University/college. Options: student project, class project, department, school.

Youth Group: An out of school group that is not formally organized as a non-profit organization. Options: volunteer run or paid staff.

Youth Camp: Seasonal, formally organized program that serves a specific group of children. Options: volunteer run or paid staff.

Individual(s): One to three person team. (Interns or volunteers for a non-profit, school, business, or other agency should register in that category.) Options: volunteer run or paid staff.

Community/grassroots group: Informally organized group not registered/no official status with a governmental agency. Options: volunteer run or paid staff.

Nonprofit organization: formally organized group with registered charity/nonprofit status (or in the process of becoming an official nonprofit). If your group is being ‘fiscal sponsored’ by a local non-profit organization for fundraising purposes, choose the category of Nonprofit that matches your Green Mapmaking team. Options: volunteer run, up to 5 paid staff, more than 5 paid staff.

Nonprofit organization – Umbrella project: A nonprofit organization which serves as the central office for related Green Map projects (1) meant for an event or purpose or (2) where Mapmakers lack the technical or linguistic ability to register individually. In special cases, these may be registered under the ‘umbrella’ of a larger non-profit organization, which is required to keep a Map Profile current for each of them. See special limitations in the Mapmakers Agreement. Options: mapping 1-5 locales, 6-15 locales. 16-30 locales, 31-50 locales.

Governmental agency: Any level of governmental agency is included. Options: under 10 staff, 10-100 staff, 100 or more staff.

Tourism Agency: A tourism-based entity. Options: public or private.

Small Business: Less than 10 on staff (see below)
Medium-size Business: 10-100 on staff (see below)
Large Business: 100+ on staff (see below)
Options: mapping 1 locale, 2-5 locales, 6-15 locales.

Any company, including GIS and consultant firms, should register in this category.
Corporate campus, factory, store or indoor/outdoor Green Maps may be made by companies of their own facilities as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and/or sustainability programs, with the advice of a nonprofit organization (preferably with Green Mapmaking experience). May be created for specific small audiences. Business Green Map Projects are required to keep a Map Profile current for each of their projects. See special limitations in the Mapmakers Agreement. More on CSRs is in our Glossary.

Comments welcome. Green Map System may update this guidance from time to time.

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