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Trademark Usage Guidelines

These guidelines have been prepared to inform you of the proper use of the trademarks and service marks of Green Map® System, Inc. (“GMS”). These are the property of GMS and should be used only in connection with locally created Green Maps and Supporting Materials (see Glossary for definitions and Mapmaker Agreement for Terms of Use) and by GMS.

A trademark is both a symbol of the trademark owner’s high standards and an assurance of the consistent quality of the product or service being offered under the mark. You have been entrusted with the right to use GMS’s trademarks on the express understanding that you will maintain this consistent quality.

GMS’s trademark/service marks designate our specific, protected Mapmaking System and use of our copyrighted materials. Trademarks are valuable “intellectual property”, and protecting GMS’s trademark will be beneficial to you because:
• it is assurance that all Green Maps are properly registered and licensed.
• the strength of our trademarks grows with use.
• it helps protect Green Maps’ distinctiveness.
A trademark which has lost its distinctiveness can become generic, i.e., come to mean the product itself (for example “aspirin” and “escalator” are former trademarks).

The following rules must therefore be followed when referring to the GMS trademarks in news articles, photo captions, advertising, literature, and correspondence.

a) You must use the symbol ® the first time the phrase Green Map is used: Green Map®. (™ appears on the new logo because it has not yet been granted registration).
- Keyboard strokes for Mac: (option R = ®)(option 2 = ™)(option G = ©)
- Keyboard strokes for PC: (control alt R = ®)(control alt T = ™)(control alt C = ©)
b) GMS’s Copyright & Trademark Notice must be prominently displayed on each Green Map and all Supporting Materials as follows: “Icons © Green Map System, Inc. 2003. All rights reserved. Green Map® is a registered trademark and used with permission”.
c) GMS must be the registrar, at Licensee’s cost, of any Green Map logo being trademarked in other languages or non-US countries.
d) The Green Map phrase appearing in the trademark and logo may be translated into your language. A high-resolution digital image must be forwarded to GMS for approval before you utilize it.
e) GMS trademarks should be used only when referring to your Green Maps and Supporting Materials. If you wish to create products or other uses, contact GMS first.
f) Please provide copies to the GMS Archives of all Green Maps and Supporting Materials.
g) If you see what you consider might be unauthorized use of our trademarks, or elements thereof, please alert GMS! Reach us at info@greenmap.org , tel +1 212 674 1631, or mail at PO Box 249, New York, NY 10002-0249

Good habits of trademark usage are a “must”. We must all be concerned about the maintenance of our trademarks as the high quality of our products, services, and the name of Green Map System, Inc. are reflected in each of these trademarks. Thank you very much!

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